HyperActive Acquired by The Acrelec Group

HyperActive Technologies is now part of The Acrelec Group, the world’s leading provider of self-service kiosks, digital displays and drive-thru solutions.

With a full line of customer engagement solutions, the company now serves the restaurant industry – inside and out.

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Enhance Your Guests' Outdoor Experience

Vibrant HyperView® Dynamic Digital Displays will grab and hold the attention of your guests, whether the setting is a busy QSR drive-thru, curbside at a fast casual restaurant, or at the front entrance of any dining establishment.

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Drive-thru Technology with a Side of Wow

From eye-popping graphics on presell displays and dazzling digital menu boards to order confirmation and the industry’s leading service timers, we’ve got solutions that deliver great results in the drive-thru.

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Say "86" to Boring. Fire Up Sensational.

HyperView® Dynamic Digital Displays eliminate the cost of static signs and makes it easy and exciting to launch new products and limited time offers.

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We're HyperActive

For more than a decade, innovation has been the hallmark of HyperActive Technologies’ rapid growth, creating technologies and products that help our customers flourish 
for the long term.

We are committed to creating the leading innovations that help leading restaurant brands 
achieve greater throughput and profitability at the lowest cost of ownership.

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Transform your customers’ outdoor experience

Greet customers with eye-catching video, photos and graphics

Bring your brand and menu to life

Lower perceived and actual wait times

Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of static menu boards


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HyperOCB Order Confirmation Software

Customers expect nothing less than total accuracy when you deliver their order.  HyperOCB order confirmation software is the most reliable and most affordable technology.

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HyperView® 32" and HyperView® 15"

HyperView® combines the most reliable outdoor digital technology with the latest single cable Power over Ethernet connectivity to create efficient, low cost and flexible operation in the brightest sun and harshest weather conditions.

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HyperActive Technologies – an Innovative leader

A company of firsts – first PoE in outdoor displays & OCBs

The only provider 100% focused on outdoor restaurant technology

Best service and support in the industry

The choice of leading brands

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QTimer® will help you shave seconds off the drive-thru and give your team the tools they need to speed happy customers on their way.

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Every day, over a million cars are timed by HyperActive QTimers.
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From logo to logo - leading restaurant brands choose HyperActive.